Welcome to AMSA at Rutgers!

The Rutgers chapter of the American Medical Student Association is happy to welcome you to our site! We are an organization made up of students united under our common interest in medicine, healthcare and the opportunity to make a difference. In fact nearly all our members have aspirations of attending medical school and entering the medical field. Thus, RU AMSA is run with this in mind. Many of our events are related to the medical school application process, current medical topics such as the debate over public health care, pathways in medicine and healthcare, and pursuing interests while on the road to Medical School. We hold many events throughout the fall and spring semesters, most of which take place on Busch Campus on Tuesday nights, with our largest event being the Annual AMSA Pre-health conference, which takes places during the early weeks of the spring semester. Below is a brief synopsis of our various on campus committees. If you are a Rutgers student and are interested in one day entering the field of medicine or healthcare, we welcome you to attend our events and join our organization. We also welcome you to take part in our committees of Global Heath, Grassroots and Peer Mentoring.

Grassroots Committee: The grassroots committee is in charge of coordinating volunteer initiatives. They are responsible for coordinating community service events, promoting awareness of social justice, and addressing issues that affect our community and beyond. The grassroots committee works closely with the entire executive board to create a series of events throughout the year to help benefit the local community and part-take in any regional or national projects in which Rutgers AMSA students can contribute to in a meaningful way.

Global Health Committee: The Global Health Committee is responsible for educating and spreading awareness to the Rutgers community on some of the many health concerns and medical disparities faced by millions around the world. The global heath committee in coordination with the executive board organizes interactive events and fundraisers, to help educate and spread the awareness of such health concerns. The global health committee organizes and annual coffee house to raise funds for clean drinking water in developing countries by showcasing Rutgers talent in an open-mic format.

Peer Mentor Committee: The Peer Mentor Committee is in charge of bridging the gaps between underclassman with upperclassman, professors, professional groups and other student organizations. The committee is responsible for the coordination of mentors and mentees that part-take in the AMSA peer-mentoring program. The committee also organizes events such as scheduling 101, tutoring sessions and other social events to benefit the Rutgers Pre-Health Community.

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